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Rental Information

Rental Information
Before you book your campervan and start packing for your adventure, you’ll likely have some questions and there’s information you’ll want to know. In this section, we’ve outlined some useful rental information (and in our Frequently Asked Questions) to make sure you’re up to speed before making your booking and finalising your travel plans.

If you have any questions, get in touch with our team on +4428 8765 8077 or via email at bookings@campervan-ireland.com and we’ll be happy to help.

How do I make a booking?
Bookings can be made online on the Our Campervans page of our website. Alternatively, you can contact us directly on +4428 8765 8077 or via email at bookings@campervan-ireland.com.

Your booking is only confirmed upon receipt of a confirmation email from us. If, for any reason, your booking cannot be confirmed (for example, if two bookings are received at the same time, or you do not meet our criteria for insurance), you will be notified, and your deposit will be refunded. This is the only circumstance in which a deposit can be refunded.

What’s the cost?
Check out the Our Campervans page of our website for live and up-to-date booking availability and rental prices.

We have peak and off-peak pricing per night and minimum rental periods apply:

  • Minimum rental period of three (3) nights in the off-peak season (October to April).
  • Minimum rental period of seven (7) nights in the peak season (May to September).

You can be in possession of a campervan for fewer nights than the minimum rental period. However, the minimum rental charge will apply. For example, if you wish to rent a campervan for five (5) nights during peak season, you can do so, but will be charged the minimum rental fee for seven (7) nights.

Each booking requires a 25% non-refundable deposit to be paid upfront. The remaining balance must be paid no later than 28 days before the rental start date. If the balance is not paid by 28 days prior to the rental start date your booking may be cancelled. If your booking is cancelled due to the balance not being paid by the deadline, you will not be entitled to a refund of your deposit.

If a booking is made less than 28 days before the rental start date, the rental cost must be paid in full.

Looking to rent a campervan for longer durations? We may be able to offer you a ‘long-stay’ discount. Contact our team for more information prior to making your booking.

What’s included in the cost?
The rental cost includes the following:

  • The cost to hire the campervan (charged on a per night basis, minimum rental terms apply).
  • Comprehensive insurance to cover one named driver for the duration of the rental period.
  • Unlimited mileage for the duration of the rental period.
  • 24/7 breakdown cover for Ireland, UK, and Europe.
  • Personal handover during pick-up and drop-off, including a personalised campervan demonstration at pick-up.

Are there any other charges?
We aim to make our charges as transparent as possible, with everything above included in the rental cost. However, there may be additional charges in the following circumstances

Security Deposit – A security deposit must be paid whilst the vehicle is out on hire. The cost of the security deposit varies depending on the vehicle hired. Your booking deposit is separate from your security deposit.

Your security deposit is intended to cover the cost of any damages incurred to any part of the campervan, the contents of the campervan, or any other items you loan from Campervan Ireland. In the event of any damages caused by you/your party, you may lose part or all your security deposit. Your security deposit will be released to you within 28 days after the vehicle and/or equipment has been returned and checked over by us.

We don’t want to keep your security deposit; we just want the campervan and any equipment returned in the same condition you got it. For more information on security deposits, speak to one of our team.

Penalties or Fines – In the event you incur any legal penalties or fines during the rental period that are issued to Campervan Ireland, such as parking fines or speeding tickets, you are liable for their payment and an administration fee of £100 per penalty will apply.

Late Fees – Your pick-up and drop-off times are pre-arranged with us in advance. In the event you are late to pick-up or drop-off the vehicle for handover, a late fee will apply.

Do you have optional extras?
To help make your trip more convenient and hassle-free, the following optional extras are available for an additional charge:

  • Bedding sets.
  • A kitchen kit, which includes knives, forks, spoons, plates, and bowls.
  • Outdoor camping furniture, including seats and tables for the number of guests booked.
  • An extra gas bottle (for heat/cooking).
  • Portable toilet.
  • Additional Driver insurance cover.
  • Lost Key insurance cover.
  • Windscreen Damage insurance cover.
  • Tyre Repair/Replacement insurance cover.

Who is allowed to drive the campervan?
For insurance purposes, it’s very important that the named driver of the campervan meets the following criteria:

Driving Licence Requirements – All our campervans for hire are under 3500kg, so can be driven by an individual who holds a full and valid Category ‘B’ manual driving license (UK and Ireland). The driver must have held the licence for at least two (2) years by the rental date.

If your driving licence was not issued in the UK, EEA, or Switzerland, then an equivalent international driving licence is required. The driver must have held the licence for at least two (2) years by the rental date.

Driver Age – Drivers must be aged between 23 and 75 by the rental date. Drivers younger than 23 or older than 75 are permitted to rent and drive our campervans in certain circumstances – please contact us directly at bookings@campervanireland.com before booking one of our campervans.

Penalty Points – You must declare at the time of booking if you/the driver has any convictions or endorsements relating to driving offences, or penalty points on your licence. All drivers are subject to insurance approval and there may be instances where we are unable to provide cover for a driver based on their driving history, for example if you have more than six (6) penalty points on your licence.

Insurance Refusal – Individuals who have previously: had vehicle insurance declined, cancelled, renewal refused, and/or special terms imposed; been involved in more than one at-fault motor claim during the past three (3) years; or been disqualified from driving for a period exceeding six (6) months in the last three (3) years, or for a period exceeding three (3) months in the past year, may not be approved for insurance by our provider. Our insurance provider’s decision is final.

If you do not meet the above criteria, please contact our team so we can check with our insurers if we can provide you with suitable cover to rent a campervan. We are unable to provide cover for any driver who has not held a full and valid driving licence for at least two (2) years by the rental date. Drivers with an automatic licence are only permitted to rent/drive automatic campervans.

Can I drive the campervan off-road?
Our campervans can ONLY be driven on sealed or bitumen roads.

Note: driving is not permitted on the Connor Pass, County Kerry, Ireland.

You should be responsible and mindful of your own safety, the safety of others, and the safety of the vehicle at all times, with consideration for factors such as: adverse weather, the road surface/condition, driving recklessly or without due care and attention, not driving under the influence of any mind-altering substances (illegal or prescription), driving with more passengers than the vehicle is designed to safely carry, or driving with passengers not secured in a seat with a seatbelt.

Can I take the campervan to Europe?
Our campervans can be rented and can travel throughout Ireland, the UK, and Europe. Please note some European countries may be “out of bounds” due to local issues or travel restrictions. It is your responsibility to ensure travel with a campervan is permitted to the countries/regions you intend to travel to. If you intend to travel with our campervan outside of Ireland, please contact us prior to making your booking.

We highly recommend you consider any insurance cover you may need for international travel, personal injury, medical insurance, travel protection/cancellation insurance, etc.

Where can I pick the campervan up/drop it off?
Campervan Ireland offer pick-up and drop-off locations from our depot in Dollingstown, from Dublin airport, or from either Belfast City or Belfast International airport. We can facilitate pick-ups and drop-offs from any required location, but this will incur additional driver and fuel charges. Please contact us for more information before making your booking.

Can I travel with my pet/dog?

Absolutely! If you want to bring your pet/dog, please add them to your booking (maximum of two (2) pets/dogs permitted). You are responsible for ensuring compliance with any animal protection, transit, etc. requirements of the law and should have your own pet/travel insurance in place.

What do I need to bring when I pick up my campervan?
The named driver must be present to collect the campervan and must have the following information available to view:

  • Two (2) different forms of photographic ID (such as an in-date and valid passport and driving licence).
  • A valid, full, and in-date driving licence (including any additional elements e.g., counterpart).

If your driving licence does not include your current address, we will require two (2) additional forms of ID that include your current address, such as utility bills or bank statements that are no more than 60 days old (personal information other than your address can be redacted).

Note: copies of these documents will be held on file by Campervan Ireland in line with our Data Protection Policies.

The rental information provided on this webpage is intended to be succinct and brief. Please note that rentals from Campervan Ireland are subject to our full Terms & Conditions, which form the legally binding agreement between you and the company.

Looking to rent a campervan for longer durations? We may be able to offer you a ‘long-stay’ discount. Contact our team for more information prior to making your booking.